Welcome to Hawker Ridge Wines. Our vineyard is located on a ridge running south east from Kendenup in the south of Western Australia. The views are spectacular! Planting started in 2001 with a block of shiraz and riesling planted on September 11 of that year. The climate is cool with breezes from the south east and south west coming from the southern ocean with a cooling breeze drifting down the Stirling Ranges on summer nights. The reds are big and the riesling a great southern delight! 

Enjoy. Andrus and Zig Budrikis

The Cellar

What's in the cellar? Well some mighty fine Shiraz wine and some vintage Riesling. Go to Wines to find out more!

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Kendenup Packing Shed

773 Lake Matilda Rd, Kendenup

Call 0421 637 710

 or send us an email to info@hawkerridgewines.com